The company, Davide Pedersoli, plays a leading role in the manufacture of non military fire arms. The companys’ principal strengths are: a very high standard of quality products and from a commercial perspective a very broad range of products able to satisfy a wide spectrum of clients.  

By G.Tansella and A.Wicks

The products manufactured by Davide Pedersoli have characteristics that differentiate it from those of most other firearms it would be useful for the retailers to have a brief overview of the most significant peculiarities of historical replicas.

Firstly, these firearms pay homage to the historical value of the original firearms that marked the course of history, they are produced as exact replicas in so far as they respect the design and the beautiful finishing of the originals.

Secondly, the quality of the products is greatly improved by the standards of the time because the current manufacturing techniques use the best of modern technology. Those who choose to shoot these products can truly enjoy the experience of firing a historical weapon in all safety as opposed to firing the originals that could pose a safety hazzard due to mechanical fatigue and simple wearing down of the various components.


The value of the replicas is also cultural when one considers the growing popularity of the reenactment of historical events, a setting in which the Pedersoli products are extremely popular thanks to the expertise with which these replicas are exact and when required also working copies of the original. Recently, these replicas were show cased in the Museum of Weapons and weapon-making tradition of Gardone Val Trompia, a true cultural centre for firearms, as part of an exhibition dedicated to the modern interpretation of historical firearms.

From a purely commercial point of view, these weapons also make it possible, thanks in no small measure to a favorable legal framework, to significantly expand the retail horizons for  armories by extending the range of products they can offer.


The company, Davide Pedersoli, is one of the major exponents in the firearms production industry dedicated to these types of arms, whose experience in the production of replicas goes back many decades, that is when the founder (who came from a family with a long tradition of being gunsmiths)  took the courageous decision to give priority to these products rather than the traditional smooth-bore hunting weapons in  which the factory also excelled.

Gardone Val Trompia is one of the main International centres for firearms production, in this particolar area, the will to maintain a lose link with their purely artisan roots is very strong. Davide Pedersoli has managed in over fifty years of existence managed to find the perfect balance between modern industrial production techniques and that of the artisans.

One of the company’s main merits  is that it produces all components of its firearms, ranging from the wooden stocks, the mechanical parts as well the rifling of the their barrels and production of smooth bore barrels too, not to mention the various accessories.

The quality of the skilled workmanship can be witnessed in two different areas: firstly, the numerous and consistent successes in sports competitions, is testament to the skill with which these firearms are manufactured and assembled to shoot as well as the efficiency of the production departments;

secondly,  the replicas are have such a beautiful finishing that even those people that do not shoot  can appreciate the pure beauty of the product and its quality. Therefore, we are not just dealing with weapons but in a sense also with “works of art” to be collected and adorn the interior of houses as well as being presented as gifts.

The philosophy behind the work of the company and that of its current chief executive, Pierangelo Pedersoli, is held in such esteem that one can consider it at the vanguard in its field, so much so, that Pierangelo Pedersoli is also chairman of the Consorzio degli Armaioli Italiani (the Consortium of Italian Gunsmiths), an organization which helps coordinate and assist most f Italy’s firearms producers (it currently has 110 members). This activity as can be seen, for the Pedersoli family, is a true passion as well as being a commercial enterprise.

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