The origins of the Fiocchi “Perfecta” ammunition lie in a project that had nothing to do with target sports. Quite the contrary, the aim of the project was to develop a special military cartridge named “EXO”. This special line was developed in collaboration with the Italian Armed Forces, looking for ammunition for snipers in various special units, which will remain nameless. The customer had some quite particular requests.

written by G.Tansella and A.Wicks

A configuration perfectly suited to the characteristics of construction of certain weapons systems, offering the very highest ballistic performance in tactical situations where said performance must remain unchanged even in extreme environments.

To meet these requirements, Fiocchi Munizioni decided to set up a special department working hand-in-hand with its traditional production line, and after an exacting series of tests, what is currently considered the best sniper ammo had rolled out of the doors of this “Custom Shop” in Lecco.

This same laboratory produces the ammo we are reviewing, the trade name of which, “Perfecta” (Perfect), gives you an idea of the high esteem in which the manufacturer holds the product.

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